Wednesday 11 September 2019

An Autumn Triad

I had a great time at the Warsaw Independent Bookfair this past weekend—it was probably my favourite of the non-comics-specific shows at which I've exhibited over the years. It was my first time tabling copies of The Many Not the Few, which seemed to go over well. (I've finally added the book to my Shop—I'll be dispatching orders from the end of the month.) Thanks to everyone who stopped by—you were some very cool people.

My next show will be the International Festival of Comics & Games (MFKiG) in Łódź, which will be taking place on 27–29 September. I've visited the event once as a punter, and enjoyed it—so I'm looking forward to exhibiting there for the first time. (I still haven't explored the city very much, and the comics festival coincides with the city's Light Move Festival, so I'm hoping to make a little holiday of it, too.)

© International Festival of Comics and Games

And then, to round off a trio of Central European shows, I'll be exhibiting at the FRAME Festival in Prague (2–3 November). I've not been to the festival before, so I'm curious to find out what it's like—and it's always nice to be in the Czech capital. (I guess I've had a break from UK shows this year—but I'll probably be about for one or two in 2020. We'll see.)

© No Ordinary Heroes / Centrala

In other news, I'm in the process of finally finishing up the second edition of Killjoy #2—which I started working on way back in the summer of 2017 (but set aside to make The Many Not the Few). I've ended up making more amendments to the artwork than I originally intended—hence the continued delay in its release—but I think it's looking a lot better for it. I'll also be adding an additional story, 'The Tooth Fairy & Me'. I'm hoping to have copies with me in Łódź—and in Prague, too.