Privacy Policy

This boring page lists all the ways that I, Robert Brown (hello!), collect your personal data. I've tried to make this as comprehensive, clear, and transparent as possible, but let me know if there's something you think I've missed, or if you have any questions.


This website allows users to publish comments on posts and pages, which can be posted (a) anonymously, (b) by logging into a Google account, or (c) by providing your name and, optionally, your website's URL. By posting a comment, users consent to the data they provide (i.e. their comment, name, URL, and/or Google username) being publicly accessible on the website. Please contact me should you wish to request deletion of a comment you previously posted on the site.


This website is operated by use of Blogger, a Google service. Google uses cookies to provide this service, more information about which can be found here. (You should have already seen a notice about this when you first browsed to this site; if you didn't, please contact me.)

Shop Purchases

When you purchase items via the Shop page (thank you!), I collect and process personal data relevant to processing these purchases – specifically, the customer's name and email address, and the recipient's name, postal address, and telephone number. I store this information indefinitely (a) to deliver the purchased items, (b) to contact the customer regarding their order, and (c) for accounting/taxation purposes. This data is stored by use of (a) my password-protected email account, and (b) my password-protected PayPal account, to which I alone have access. Please contact me should you wish to request deletion of personal data that you previously provided via the Shop page.

These transactions are carried out via the PayPal service, which collects and processes your financial data (e.g. credit or debit card data) independently – read their Privacy Policy here.