Tuesday 10 April 2012

Sell Your Labour (Not Your Soul)

I've finished work on my first freelance cartooning commission, in collaboration with writer Sean Michael Wilson. I'm not sure how much information about the project that I should publicise, and so I'll just post one of the panels in place of specific data...

There's still almost two weeks left to contribute to the funding of Sean's graphic novel (drawn by Carl Thompson), Parecomic.

Forthcoming projects of my own include: a strip based on Stephen Merritt's wonderful song 'The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side' for the 69 Love Songs, Illustrated project curated by Julia Scheele; an illustration for the house zine of my old pal Graham's record label, Distorted Tapes; starting Killjoy #2 (finally); researching the (pre-)historical setting of a forthcoming fiction comic; and later in the year, contributing to the great British alt-comix anthology...

But not tonight. I only slept for about 90 minutes last night, & I still haven't taken dinner.

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