Wednesday 16 January 2013

Fleet Street Rag

I've completed my strip, Quadlock: Same-Sex Marriage & Places of Worship, for Solipsistic Pop Five. This issue is somewhat different to earlier editions - all the strips are reportage pieces about the UK in 2012, with a small group of artists (including sterling creators such as Darryl Cunningham and editor Tom Humberstone) producing longer works than previously. Mine is eight pages long - this is an image from the foot of the first page: 
I've produced some non-fiction comics before - autobiographical, anecdotal and historical - but journalism in this form was a new challenge for me: my working process changed appropriately, and my area of focus narrowed on a specific sub-topic. It was interesting to ponder the jurisprudential niceties of the proposed legislation (in light of developments abroad), and I learnt far more about marriage law than I ever wanted to know in the research process.

I plan to elaborate upon the experience of creating this strip closer to the time of the book's release later this year. Before then, I recommend having look over at the website of the anthology/publisher. Edward Ross also posted a blog entry about his contribution, at which you may like to have a gander.

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