Monday 30 July 2012

Devon Knows I'm Excited

In my bid to exhibit at as many different comic conventions as often as I can afford and/or be bothered to, I'll be heading 'dawn sawf' again, hawking my rags in historic Exeter at the Comic Expo on 23rd September, which is taking place in the Rougemont Thistle Hotel.

© Fantasy Events

I've never attended this con, and so it'll be yet another fresh experience. (Considering my day-job in intelligence, I'm a bit lax with recon.) Mike Allwood of Fantasy Events UK tells me that they've been attracting an increasing number of small press exhibitors each year, and so I'm hoping to be part of a diverse occasion. (I think they're big into cosplay - perhaps I'll set aside my usual curmudgeonly ways & dress up as David Boring?)

If all goes to plan, I'll be releasing Killjoy #2 at the event. The second issue is going to comprise a number of short strips, rather than the issue-length narrative of the first - pursuant to my plan to alternate between the two practices for the first few issues.

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