Monday 13 August 2012

Music to Watch Pigs Fly

Since 2007, I've been a member of the band Decadence in Berlin, playing bass (and occasionally guitar), shouting & songwriting alongside my pal Graham & sister Lucy. Since Lucy & I moved to Manchester, the act's settled into a largely dormant state, getting together only for one performance up here, and another in Telford to 'promote' the release of our retrospective tape cassette album, Setbacks (released by Graham's record label, Distorted Tapes).

I designed a simple black-on-yellow sleeve intended to be reminiscent of cheap punk gig flyers. We've only produced fifty of them, so if you're interested, pick one up while they're available. Each unit comes with a unique download code for those of you without the obsolete technology necessary to use the tape itself. (Of course, I'm opposed to absolute exclusivity of content, so it'll also be available in a non-physical digital version soon.)

(The title of the blog post is my fanciful title for the album, at which Graham baulked.)

EDIT [21:11]: Apparently the digital version is already available.

EDIT [05/01/2013]: You can now purchase the tape from the Shop page.

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